• Devan Marie Photography is a professional portrait studio located in downtown Fort Madison, Iowa.

    Since 2007, Devan has specialized in photographing Nauvoo LDS Temple wedding photography and high school senior portraits and also offers family, child, maternity, and engagement photography. Available for on location outdoor or studio sessions.

    We will be opening our boutique studio in spring of 2014 and specialize in providing photographic art for our clients homes and heirloom albums.

Planning your portrait session

Planning for your photography session can seem overwhelming. There are so many factors that can influence your end result and are worth consideration prior to your shoot. And while your photographer can remain fluid and flexible with respect to timing and location, and session structure, it is helpful if you – the client – considers your goals and planning points.


Your session should be relaxed and fun, but keep in mind that it is an investment, and an important one that perhaps you’ve been saving for. With a little bit of extra thought and planning, you can be assured you are more than satisfied (and perhaps a little amazed!) with the final results!


When planning your session, think about these 4 key “W” questions:
1. When (time of year),
2. Where (beach, city, park, meadow, home),
3. What time (time of day)
4. What to wear (casual, traditional, preppy, trendy, etc.)


And while you nail down those basic planning elements, take a step back and think about what you will DO with your images. Do you plan to:
• Create a keepsake album or coffee table book?
• Display images on your walls, and if so, to what size; will they be framed or canvases?
• Give gift prints?
• Share the images online and use in your personal photobooks and slideshows?


Once you’ve thought through those items, you will want to consider your family’s personality, your style, and the decor of your home.
• What type of family are you (sporty, preppy, beachy, traditional, casual)?
• Which room(s) are you most likely to display your images (foyer, family room, hallway/staircase, living room, bedroom)?
• What is the style, decor and color of that area (warm, cool, formal, modern, beachy, cottage, traditional)?


Next, describe your dream images – if you could have 5 images come out of your session, what would they look like?

Armed with these answers, regroup with your photographer and communicate your vision. Together you can come up with a game plan that will ensure you are on the same page and allow your photographer to deliver the type of images you have always dreamed of having for your home. Additionally, once you view your gallery, you are not arbitrarily looking at images, but instead selecting them with your specific goals in mind.

To make sense of this, consider viewing a gallery in two scenarios:

1. Without Session Planning: “Huh, well, I like the family ones, but they are cropped tight and you can’t see the landscape and I think it will look funny over the beach house fireplace… plus, our winter, formal clothes don’t match the beachy decor.”

2. With Session Planning: “Awesome, this is exactly what we wanted for the focal point wall gallery in the family room. I love it! The beach backdrop, the colors and our outfits are exactly what I had in mind when I thought of a story-telling canvas collection for above the fireplace.”

Remember, it’s your session. You probably don’t have time (or energy) to repeat it at this exact stage in your life, so make sure that you stack the deck in your favor the first time! Your planning, preparation and communication will surely pay off and you will have personal art in your home that makes you smile every day, for years and years to come. Isn’t that what custom photography is all about? We think so.


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Iowa Senior Picture Model Search

EW Couture Timeline Covers

What does it take to be a senior model for Devan Marie Photography?

We are looking for outgoing, energetic class of 2015 seniors. We are also recruiting for class of 2016. We are looking for people of all shapes and sizes who have an open mind and are excited for their senior portrait experience.

Devan Marie Photography is a portrait studio located in Fort Madison, Iowa and is looking for seniors from Fort Madison, Holy Trinity, Central Lee, Keokuk, Warsaw, Illini West, Burlington, West Burlington, Mount Pleasant and Danville.

Are you interested, but don’t see your school on the list? Contact me to talk more!

What’s in it for me?
Models get discounted sessions, cool extras and tons of great incentives! We will review all of the applications and contact you to talk further! Applications with be accepted through March 31st.

Here’s the lowdown:
Senior models receive 50% off the session fee of their choice.

You will receive 50 referral cards featuring your images to hand out to all of your friends.

Receive $50 in credit for each friend who books with us using your card! Make sure they let us know about your referral when they book so you get credit!

Bonus items for referring 5 friends or more.

Free DVD slideshow of your images ($125 value). Great to use at your graduation party!

Opportunities to earn more credit by working events and booths.

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. I would be happy to answer any questions you or your parents may have.

Fill out the application here!

Ben & Keturah’s Nauvoo Wedding

Ken and Keturah had a beautiful wedding day in Nauvoo, Illinois. Their family and friends were brimming with excitement for them and every last detail was gorgeous.
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Devan - Test

Andy & Julie, Nauvoo Wedding Photography

Whoa, this summer and fall have been totally crazy! My poor blog has been neglected because I have been so busy working with my amazing clients. As things slow down a little this winter I will be sharing images from this year! Andy & Julie were one of my wonderful Nauvoo wedding couples. Not only are they gorgeous, but fun! Check out some of their beautiful images.

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Nauvoo Temple Wedding Photographer | Amber+Nick

I had the most wonderful time with this sweet southern couple and their family. They were sealed at the LDS Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois which was as beautiful as always! We braved some crazy wind and ended up with great images!

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